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Palm Beach is conveniently located north of Broward County and is well south of Orlando. The county includes several well-known Florida cities such as Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Jupiter. Some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country are located in Palm Beach County with many beautiful mansions dotting the landscape.

Additionally, some of the area is starting to better resemble what many used to believe Miami was. Many retirement communities and such, are now in Palm Beach. Think of "Boca" and many think of retirement homes. These can be used as backdrops for many productions.

The area has been used for many films such as Cape Fear, Bad Boys, In Her Shoes, Donnie Brasco, and Striptease.

With the proximity to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, there is a large amount of talent only a short distance away. This means that almost any production can be quickly staffed to your needs.

See the Palm Beach Daily News for local news.

Government Support For Filming
This is the official Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission website for promoting and assisting production of films in the County. Whether you are producing a film in West Palm Beach, Jupiter or Boca Raton, this is likely your first stop for understanding the complexities involved.

Palm Beach International Film Festival
PBIFF Website
This event not only shows some great films from up and coming filmmakers, but has also donated over one million dollars for education programs through grants and scholarships.

Acting Classes
THEY improv's Acting Classes
Learn how to act from professionals in the field in a friendly and positive environment.



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