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South Florida Film Festivals

South Florida is not only a great place to film, but is also a great place to show the best and the brightest that Hollywood and independent filmmakers have to offer. With a variety of film festivals catering to a variety of needs, South Florida is a destination worthy of greatness.

Filmmakers may enjoy the nightlife of South Beach and the fun of the various attractions of the area, but these festivals also enhance the culture that we have to offer and increase the likelihood of future production make here.

The Miami International Film Festival
MIFF Website
Miami Dade College helps to present this event which serves as a premiere venue for showcasing film and fostering film business in South Florida throughout the year. The event helps foster international productions and more specifically Ibero-American productions. The Festival has massive audience appeal and draws large crowds to their events.

The Miami Short Film Festival
MsFF Website
More and more content is moving into the short film market. With online content and vignettes becoming the rage, this festival keeps growing in popularity and strength.

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
FLIFF Website
Massive Festival providing a wide variety of content at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale. A great event with prestigious reputation and films that should be seen in their natural environment...a great theatre.

MIFO Film Website
South Florida has a thriving gay and lesbian community. With a variety of talented artists and cultural individuals, it is natural that the area would also feature one of the nation's premier film festivals for the gay and lesbian community. With event held in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, this covers the gamut of South Florida. Their mission statement: To enrich, entertain and educate the public, encourage a sense of community through international and culturally diverse film, video and other media that offer historical and contemporary perspectives on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experience.

Palm Beach International Film Festival
PBIFF Website
This event not only shows some great films from up and coming filmmakers, but has also donated over one million dollars for education programs through grants and scholarships.

Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
TIGLFF Website
This Festival looks to create a forum for promoting these artistic efforts.



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