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South Florida Government Regulations

While the state and local governments of South Florida actively promote the area as a location for film production, there are certain regulations that must be followed to be authorized to film in the area. These regulations change often, and you should always consult a local attorney or the government itself for the latest regulation information.

Film Permits often are needed if filming in public locations, though it does not usually apply to residential, private, or leased city/state property. You should never assume that you do not require a permit, but should simply verify with an appropriate agency that this is the case. Such permits are often free, but require insurance with the government as a beneficiary in case of damages.

The City of Miami has three Film Offices:
Miami-Dade Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment
City of Miami Mayor's Office of Film & Cultural Affairs
Miami Beach Office of Film & Event Production Management

Information on all three is available at
This includes information on permits, production reports, events, etc.

Monroe County and the Florida Keys has

Broward County has a site from the Broward Alliance with the Film and Television home page at

Palm Beach County has

The state provides a great variety of information as well as links to all of the Florida Film Commissions state-wide at

This site was created to help those involved in the filmmaking industry to find resources in South Florida. We are hoping that these links to government websites will help you decide to make South Florida your location of choice.


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