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When people around the world think about tourism in Florida, they almost always think about Disney and Orlando. Orlando has become a word that evokes thoughts of family fun and enjoyment for kids of all ages...meaning adults too. With all the theme parks placed in such close proximity (Disney, Universal, etc.), acting talent has centralized there and created an environment conducive to filmmaking. Use the links above to learn more about some of the comedy opportunities in and around Orlando.

Likewise, there are plenty of studios available for production in the area. With a wide variety of production services available, it makes it simple to film in Orlando, or to use Orlando as a base for filming elsewhere in the state. Orlando is convenient to Tampa, Cape Kennedy and South Florida.

The Metro Olrando Film & Entertainment Commission provides a quality resource for all of your filmmaking needs. Their website has information on permitting, area locations available for filming, and just about anything else you might need. Their website is fairly comprehensive and is available at

Use the Orlando Sentinel for local information and news.
The Disney website can show you schedules that may impact shoot dates. One of your cast or crew in trouble for drunk driving, Orlando DUI lawyers are a click away.



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